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This the the premier trans foot fetish website, the trans-sister website to Joey's Feetgirls!

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    Mila Deluna Jerks Off While Giving A Footjob

    How would you like to meet this thick little beauty? Perla DeLuna (who changes her name regularly on a whim lol) has a lot of ass and soft wide feet with soles made for rubbing dick. The video opens up with her jerking her hard girlcock and bare soles right in front of the screen. She bend over while you worship her feet showing you just how much ass she has. She wraps her feet around your dick and you focus on watching her jerk off as she holds your dick in place. Her wide soles are the perfect addition to her hard girl cock and the imagery comes to climax when she shoots her fat load onto your dick, causing a hands free cum shot.

    18th Jul 2024
    13:34 HD Video
    & 49 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    Double Footjob with Variety and Vera

    How do you feel about getting tag teamed footjobbed by two trans girls? Vera is a shy girl with a fat bouncy ass, soft soles, and natural toes. She's kinda timid but Variety decides she wants to help out to get you off. The two have lovely feet and watching them take turns using them to stroke dick is a great visual. Vera gets hard from watching a hard dick leaking from feet and she rubs her dick against. Then to finish, Vera bends over and gives a reverse footjob showing off her fat ass while Variety props her wrinkled soles up so you can see all the feet and ass at once. Sure to make you pop!

    11th Jul 2024
    15:21 HD Video
    & 33 Photos

      Rating: 4.00

    Femboys And Footjobs

    Baby K invites their s/o Vet Mula to the scene! We put Baby K's foot fetish to the test and saw what happens when we feed them 4 pairs of feet. The result? Worship alone gives Baby K a huge boner. Baby K straddles me and rubs their thick girl cock against mine while Tickles and Vet show off their soft wrinkly soles, then Baby K puts their soft feet on my balls while Tickles wraps her feet around Baby K's dick and Vet wraps hers around mine. I've never done a video like this and I want more trans and femmes with legitimate foot fetishes to shoot with so I can make this scene over and over!

    9th Jul 2024
    26:43 HD Video
    & 54 Photos

      Rating: N/A

    Vanniall Bends Over So You Can Fuck Her Feet

    Vanniall kneels on the couch so you can eat her ass from the back and stroke her long dick while her soles are exposed. She gets her soles fucked good. Watch her asshole clinch and pulse as she gets her cock stroked from behind.

    4th Jul 2024
    11:32 HD Video
    & 30 Photos

      Rating: 5.00

    Summer Rayne And Her Wrinkly Soles

    When I first saw Summer's wrinkly soles on Twitter, I knew that I needed to rub my dick on them and splash her with a dose of pregnancy juice. She sits on the couch and props her feet up so you can relish in the view of her toes spread and wrinkly soles in full display. After worshiping them a bit, it's time for her to wrap her toes around a thick veiny shaft. You wanna be part of this? Of course you do. Sit back and let her jerk you off with her toes and then straddle you so you can feel her lil girl cock stiffen up as she fondles it against your own hard dick. Then to finish, she lays on her side to make you squirt your man juice over her pretty wrinkly soles.

    27th Jun 2024
    16:01 HD Video
    & 33 Photos

      Rating: 5.00

    Netflix And Chill With Kloe

    Kloe lays with her Asian soles in her lap while the two of you watch movies. She fondles your cock through your pants before rolling over to stroke your cock. Her tender soles feel amazing on your dick, so much so that its hard to even pay attention to the TV. She turns to her side and clamps your cock between her feet until you cum all over them.

    25th Jun 2024
    13:42 HD Video
    & 28 Photos

      Rating: N/A

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