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Joey's Trans Feetgirls

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Joey's Latest Scenes


Chillin' With Ashley Aspen

I'm watching a movie and Ashley is sitting next to you with her size 11 feet in your lap. She wiggles her toes and scrunches her soles and its making your dick hard. She can feel it and decides to tease you more. Your pants come off and she strokes your cock with her hand, rubbing it against the sole of her wrinkly foot. The two of you move down to the floor. She got turned on feeling how hard your cock got and she starts playing with herself. You have a little fun getting carried away playing with her as well. She lifts her feet up and offers her soles to your view. Your cock drains rivers of precum, now a thick strand of cum escapes your cockhead. She lays on the her side with her soles clamped around your dick. She hardly has to wiggle her toes at all before your dick bursts with an excited cumshot.

13th Jun 2024
23:18 HD Video
& 20 Photos

    Rating: N/A

Kirby Snow's First Porn Shoot

I had a friend of mine refer Kirby to me. She wanted to shoot with him but it turns out she lives not too far from me. I have a packed schedule and I'm only gonna be home a few days but I find a day for her to come over. In the meantime, I continue to chat with her. She's a very down to earth lady and she sends me some feet pics. I'm immediately attracted to her soles. I love the shape of them. We continue to chat a bit when she finally asks me if I was aware that she was a trans girl. Until this point, I literally had no idea! She was just another hot milf ready to make porn lol. I assure her that's ok and doesn't change anything. She arrives to my house and she's nervous. She's never shot with anyone on my professional amateur level. We don't get started immediately; I opt to let her warm up to me first by having conversation and letting things progress naturally. Before you know it, my hands are on her ass and my dick is raging hard. It's time to get in front of the camera. This scene was supposed to have a footjob at the focus of it but instead it just turned out to be a blowjob and fuck scene. She sucks me off and enjoys worshiping my dick so much that she is dripping wet with sweat in minutes. Then, we have her sit on my dick so she can get used to the size. This was meant to be a warm up and then we were gonna do the footjob and fuck BUT we ended up just fucking. She sucks me off, rides my dick, then I bend her over and fuck her before shooting a fat load all over her soles.

11th Jun 2024
16:25 HD Video
& 29 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Cassie In The Kitchen

Joey is sitting in the kitchen with Cassie when he notices her super high arches. Her feet in his lap make his dick hard. He reaches up her skirt to realize she doesn't have any underwear on! The two kiss and stroke each other's cocks until he cums on her feet.

6th Jun 2024
16:45 HD Video
& 40 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

A Different Kind Of Double Footjob

Iah is always so gorgeous and even Billie can't resist her sexy feet. Billie sits at the foot of the chair that Iah sits in and starts worshiping her feet. Watching the two of them together gets me hot as fuck so I interject with the fact that my dick is getting too hard to stand by and watch. I lay on the floor and both ladies oil me up and get to work on me. Iah helps Billie fit her soft feet around my dick but what REALLY gets me going is watching Iah suck on Billie's pretty ass toes while she jerks me off. Billie rubs her feet on my dick with assistance from Iah... but apparently this turns Billie on too and she shows that she's hiding something hard between her legs. The two of us move close to each other so our dicks press together while Iah wraps her arches around both our dicks simultaneously! The sensation of Billie's hard cock pressed against mine and getting stroked with Iah's toes is overwhelming! Iah strokes us both off and swaps footjobs with us until I let go all on their feet. Melanin Queen handles the camera but makes a guest appearance in the pic set.

30th May 2024
15:34 HD Video
& 42 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Stephanie Lovell Loves Her Feet Worshipped

Stephanie is getting ready for a night out. She sits up on the counter and admires her pedicure, showing off her gorgeous soles in the process. She's feeling a bit frisky and plays with herself a bit. What would you do in this situation? Would you come in and worship her feet? That's a great ida because it certainly gets her arouse and her girly cock gets hard from having a mouth and tongue exploring her feet and between her toes. She jerks off her hard cock while she gets her feet worshipped but her lovely feet need some fresh hot cum before she leaves for the evening. Do you oblige? Of course. Spray her soles down with ropes of hot jizz.

28th May 2024
17:58 HD Video
& 38 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Lustful Locx's First Footjob

I love when trans girls cum on my dick! Lustful Locx has never done any foot stuff before. She plays soccer regularly (which is why she has a blemish on her toe) and it keeps her lean and slender. She's never had anyone pay attention to her feet and it turns out she likes having them worshiped. She couldn't get enough of the sensation of a mouth on her feet. She clumsily fondles the dick and uses her hands to help out. She ends up getting so turned on by rubbing a thick dick that she takes her girl cock out and jerks off. She shoots a huge load all over my dick which makes me cum from watching her orgasm.

23rd May 2024
13:27 HD Video
& 22 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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Avery Angel Gets Worshiped And Soles Fucked

Watch the sparks fly between Avery and me! She sits above me on the kitchen counter which is the perfect height for her to show off her feet, put her feet in my lap, and her dick is right at eye level. If you've dreamed of sucking on Avery's pretty girl cock, this film is for you! She gets her toes sucked and her dick sucked. We kiss, we rub dicks together, and then I hang her feet off the end of the counter so I can fuck her soles and shoot my load between her feet.

16th May 2024
17:38 HD Video
& 44 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Neko Shayla: Sole Fuck And Frotting

Neko is a tall slim trans girl with big soft feet and large hard dick to match. The scene opens with her playing with herself while a view from below shows off her soles. She has a very pretty and functional dick and likes topping other women but loves having it played with by anyone. While she's jerking off, she gets her feet worshiped and then there's a lot of mutual masturbation going on. You can stare at her feet while jerking the both of you off at the same time. She lifts her leg and gives a perfect view of her soft soles and swollen cock while she gets jerked. Take a break from her penis and focus on her soles for a bit. Grab her by the ankles and slide your dick between them big soft feet of hers. You can see her soles from underneath while she gets foot fucked. It's hard to concentrate on one and not the other isn't it! No worries, we move to the floor so you can rub your dick against hers directly. Her fat cockhead swollen against yours is an incredible sensation... but that's now how we're gonna finish. She sits between your legs and jerks you off with her feet while she jerks her stiff cock for you. Her dick doesn't soften up for a single moment while your dick drips and leaks with anticipation. She presses your dick on top of her foot with her other foot and tells you to cum for her and you give her the big juicy ropes of cum she desires.

14th May 2024
21:45 HD Video
& 34 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Footjob And Frot With Ava Holt

Introducing Ava Holt! Tall, slim, sexy as fuck. Ava uses her size 11 feet to give her first footjob. She joins you while you sit on the floor about to put a show on TV, begging to have her feet worshiped. She lifts them up in your face and you can't resist. You sit up to suck on her toes and your dick hardens long before she touches your crotch for the first time. Then she lays on her stomach to give you a blowjob while her soles are in the air behind her in the pose. She flips over and clumsily handles your cock with her feet but quickly becomes more accustomed to it. She ends up getting a stiff dick from stroking you off and so she straddles you to rub her cock against yours. While you might have wanted to shoot your wad on her toes, seeing her stiff girly cock sum on yours makes you horny enough to cum with her cock pressed against yours.

9th May 2024
23:53 HD Video
& 19 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Livi Doll: Footjob And Frot

Today Livi discovers how much she loves feeling dick between her feet. I want you to watch this video and notice how her little girl cock stays so stiff the ENTIRE time. She enjoys rubbing dicks together and while she starts off a little timid at giving footjob, I promise you by the end when her soles are gripping, you'll cum to the imagery alone. Her smooth slender soles, long legs, and stiff dick all make such a great visual that you're gonna squirt cum as soon as you see her laying on her side.

2nd May 2024
18:52 HD Video
& 38 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Mila DeLuna Gets Sole Fucked

Mila's soft feet look incredible! She props them up on a table while she plays with her dick so you can get a view of her soft soles and hard cock. Her wide, tender soles are begging to get worshiped and fucked so its only natural that you come over and handle that. Her dick stays hard the entire time she's getting her feet fucked but what she really wants is some hard dick in her mouth. She literally salivates and drools at the sight of a thick dick right in front of her face and she starts jerking off even more furiously. Once she feels a fat cock in her mouth she loses control and cums early! She tries to let go of her dick but its too late. Her girl cum spurts out of her dick prematurely. Then, she takes the dick back in her mouth and jerks off to completion. Now, you can fuck her feet and finish on her soles.

30th Apr 2024
12:33 HD Video
& 36 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Nikki Mayhem Makes You Blast Off With Her Feet

FYI this video ends in a powerful cumshot so if you like a strong finish, don't miss this one! You got yourself a thing for thick trans girls? Nikki will fulfill your desires. She has soft feet, thick thighs, lots of ass, and some big titties for you to play with. She's so pretty and irresistible! She strokes her girl dick and shows off her gorgeous soles for you. She loves frotting and will get rock hard for you if you let her squeeze her girl dick against yours. She has never really given a footjob before but she gets the hang of it pretty quickly. Her soles look great stroking up and down your shaft but where she really exceeds is once she flips over into a reverse position. OMG she's a NATURAL! She expertly strokes up and down and her arches look like they are made to hold a cock in this position. Finally, she lays on her side and uses her soles to bring out a super powerful and squirty cum shot.

25th Apr 2024
22:52 HD Video
& 30 Photos

    Rating: 4.40

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