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Billie Beaumont

Billie Beaumont
  • Billie is a fantastic new model from Southern California who is ready to burst on the trans porn scene. Beautiful face and eyes, silky smooth skin under her tattoos and a world class ass that’s just begging for attention. Billie is hot! She definitely shines bright for the camera too. A great personality and simply amazing to work with. We’ll be seeing lots more of Billie.


A Different Kind Of Double Footjob

Iah is always so gorgeous and even Billie can't resist her sexy feet. Billie sits at the foot of the chair that Iah sits in and starts worshiping her feet. Watching the two of them together gets me hot as fuck so I interject with the fact that my dick is getting too hard to stand by and watch. I lay on the floor and both ladies oil me up and get to work on me. Iah helps Billie fit her soft feet around my dick but what REALLY gets me going is watching Iah suck on Billie's pretty ass toes while she jerks me off. Billie rubs her feet on my dick with assistance from Iah... but apparently this turns Billie on too and she shows that she's hiding something hard between her legs. The two of us move close to each other so our dicks press together while Iah wraps her arches around both our dicks simultaneously! The sensation of Billie's hard cock pressed against mine and getting stroked with Iah's toes is overwhelming! Iah strokes us both off and swaps footjobs with us until I let go all on their feet. Melanin Queen handles the camera but makes a guest appearance in the pic set.

30th May 2024
15:34 HD Video
& 42 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Between Billie's Soles

I make a stop in Cali and meet up with Billie. We head to the roof to get some pics and we are joined by Iah. The sun starts to set and my dick starts go get hard so we head back to the room. Iah has some stuff to take care of but Billie's tender soles are out and propped up so I roll the camera and go to town. I lick, suck, and kiss all over her pretty toes and then stand up to show her the massive hard on she's given me. I lay down on the couch so she can sit on top of me and rub her feet all over my cock. She fucks me with her arches and jerks my cock with her hand. Then, she flips over and I grab her ankles and fuck her feet while she straddles me. Her perfect breasts in my face and soft soles around my dick makes me shoot a load of cum in the air.

26th Mar 2024
12:49 HD Video

    Rating: 5.00

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