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Ashley Aspen

Ashley Aspen
  • I have a knack for getting under peoples’ skin and pinpointing their pleasure. Casual acquaintances easily become close friends to me. My personal pleasure is genuine conversation and connection; I find it to be thrilling. While pictures are worth a thousand words, an experience is priceless. A single moment between two people can feel like a lifetime and shine hotter than any sun. Learning about others’ experiences and sharing my own is how I ground myself. I love to flirt with some of everything; from screaming down the highway on my motorcycle to quietly losing myself in a painting gallery. Out on the town, I’ll be exploring crafty cocktails or giving myself completely in deep conversation. All it takes is a moment, catching someone’s eye, and I begin wrapping myself around them, and I’m ready to be taken on a ride. I can be aggressively receptive.

    Ashley was previously known as Asteria Cassatt.


Chillin' With Ashley Aspen

I'm watching a movie and Ashley is sitting next to you with her size 11 feet in your lap. She wiggles her toes and scrunches her soles and its making your dick hard. She can feel it and decides to tease you more. Your pants come off and she strokes your cock with her hand, rubbing it against the sole of her wrinkly foot. The two of you move down to the floor. She got turned on feeling how hard your cock got and she starts playing with herself. You have a little fun getting carried away playing with her as well. She lifts her feet up and offers her soles to your view. Your cock drains rivers of precum, now a thick strand of cum escapes your cockhead. She lays on the her side with her soles clamped around your dick. She hardly has to wiggle her toes at all before your dick bursts with an excited cumshot.

13th Jun 2024
23:18 HD Video
& 20 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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