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Avery Angel

Avery Angel
  • Avery is 6'2" and 120lbs with a very big cock that she uses as a versatile top. She loves to go out to bars and be sociable.

    She's a very sexual Scorpio who loves to have sex with the people she likes in very different ways. She's dominant and is quick to fill up guys and girls.

    She loves to turn men "into little sissy sluts" and making them do whatever she wants them too, but she like's passionate sex too. She prefers to dominate men and be more passionate with women.

    She likes to go on vacation, go to the beach, take long drives with no destination in mind to enjoy the experience. She absolutely loves taking pictures out in nature as well.


Avery Angel Gets Worshiped And Soles Fucked

Watch the sparks fly between Avery and me! She sits above me on the kitchen counter which is the perfect height for her to show off her feet, put her feet in my lap, and her dick is right at eye level. If you've dreamed of sucking on Avery's pretty girl cock, this film is for you! She gets her toes sucked and her dick sucked. We kiss, we rub dicks together, and then I hang her feet off the end of the counter so I can fuck her soles and shoot my load between her feet.

16th May 2024
17:38 HD Video
& 44 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Avery Angel's Bedtime Footjob

It's bedtime and Avery wants to help you get to rest. She sits between your legs and props her feet up on your waist giving you a view of her lovely soles. Wearing nothing but a tank top, her girly parts are exposed and she starts playing with herself while watching your dick get hard from her feet. Her dick stiffens and she climbs over you to rub hers against yours. Teasing your balls and taint with her cockhead makes your dick jump. Then, takes your dick into her mouth. Her hard dick hangs low while she sucks you and remains hard as she lays flat to show off her soles in the pose. After teasing your dick to fullness by way of mouth, she sits back and wraps her gorgeous feet around your cock. Her long agile toes grip your shaft well. She holds your dick in place with one foot while stroking it with the sole of the other one. She kneels and gives a reverse footjob with her huge full balls dangling and asshole staring back at you. Then to finish, she lays on her side and gives a side footjob. The camera is close enough to her feet that you can see the texture of her perfect soles in high definition. She grins as she watches your cock throb with pleasure and gives a huge smile as she proudly finishes you with her soft soles.

31st Mar 2024
15:31 HD Video
& 29 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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