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Joey's Trans Feetgirls

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Cassie Cummings

Cassie Cummings
  • Cassie Cummings is 6'1", but she'd rather be small and roughed up, so she loves bigger, stronger partners who can toss her around.

    She loves to go hiking, play Dungeons and Dragons, and collecting comics. She mostly collects Marvel and Valiant comics.

    Sexually, she considers herself a toy and loves to please people. She loves to be fucked doggystyle, because the top can get in deeper and hit all the right spots.

    She also likes a position that she calls the 'Mating Press.' It's similar to missionary with her legs on the top's shoulders with the top bent forward, looking her in the eyes while they fuck her brains out.

    The rougher the sex, the better.


Cassie In The Kitchen

Joey is sitting in the kitchen with Cassie when he notices her super high arches. Her feet in his lap make his dick hard. He reaches up her skirt to realize she doesn't have any underwear on! The two kiss and stroke each other's cocks until he cums on her feet.

6th Jun 2024
16:45 HD Video
& 40 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Cassie Cummings: Feet Fucked

Cassie is feeling a bit frisky while she lays on the couch. She has her feet propped up and get to touching herself. Once she feels some warm lips on her toes, her cock gets rock hard. She realizes how horny she gets for having a hot hard cock between her feet. Precum drips from her stiff rod while she handles the cock between her feet until it erupts jizz for her.

23rd Mar 2024
14:20 HD Video
& 34 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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