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Chelly Charms

Chelly Charms
  • Chelly's a cute model who loves to cosplay. She's surprisingly tall at 6'0" and thin, so she appears to be very foldable into any position you want.

    Her hobbies include cosplay above, baking, and foot modeling. I find the fact that she says, "I'm a foot model," when she doesn't have a foot fetish!

    She's a switch and she loves BDSM. She also loves pet play.


Cheerleaders In Detention

Chelly and Sammi are supposed to be cheering for their team today but instead they find themselves in detention. The coach walks in and finds them sitting in detention together and they are the only two there. He approaches them and questions their behavior. As it turns out, getting caught up all alone after class with the coach was exactly what they wanted.

20th Jun 2024
12:45 HD Video
& 31 Photos

    Rating: 3.50

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